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Shannon & Daniel: Blind Impressions

There’s something special about every job, and one of our favorite details on this one was the elegant blind impression. A blind impression is when we don’t use any ink on the plate and simply press it in to the paper. Coupled with the sophisticated simplicity of the lovely black lettering, the blind impression is a beautiful addition to this stunning suite. Congratulations, Shannon and Daniel!

Ty & Nicki : A Sundance Wedding

In place of doing long blogposts every once in a blue moon, we’ve opted for the idea of doing many short, portfolio-esque posts (don’t worry, we’ll still throw a few detailed ones in). We wanted to share these beautiful wedding invites with you – designed by the bride herself! Some people have all the talent. Not only did we love printing these, we loved the final touches that the bride and groom chose for them! Happy New Year! Read The Rest